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Screen sharing tool for developers.

GitDuck is a code and screen sharing tool for developers. We allow them to create videos linked to their codebase so they can easily explain their code to their teammates. 

We started building GitDuck after working some months remotely and struggled to keep learning from each other like when we were together in the same office. We are solving that. We are building GitDuck to help developers and teams to easily exchange what they know so they can better learn from each other. 

GitDuck was founded in 2019 by Thiago Monteiro and Dragos Fotescu. We have been working together since 2016 when we built a fintech and working remotely since 2018 while building a user feedback marketplace. We are a remote-first company and we spend most of our time between San Francisco and Barcelona.

GitDuck values
  1. Work and collaborate with others We like working as a team, supporting each other but pushing ourselves to do better every day. We believe there's always room to improve and only as a team we can do it.
  2. Listen to the users Talk and empathise with the user. We like to build products people love by loving to solve the problems they are facing. They are the boss.
  3. Keep shipping We are like to work fast and to be constantly shipping new improvements to the service. There’s no final destination, only a journey of continuous daily improvement.
  4. Work smart We are in a marathon, not a sprint. Work smarter and understand your limits and how you can maintain your productivity and creativity as high as possible for the long-haul.
  5. Question everything The world is full of broken experiences that we take for granted. We see them as opportunities to build better products. Rewire your brain.