Limassol, Cyprus

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Helping teams be more transparent

Geekbot runs asynchronous stand up meetings & reports in Slack. Half of the market share in Geekbot's customer base have the United States, where the most prominent clients are located such as Netflix, Sony, Airbnb, Github, Gitlab Unity and more. Canada, United Kingdom and Australia own the greatest part of the remaining market. The platform already supports 65.000 users around the world  facilitating them to:
  • Communicate effectively with their team mates and stay aligned and in sync.
  • Organize their working life better, day to day operations and automate recurring tasks in Slack.
  • Build a healthy remote culture inside the team.
  • Help them offload all the managerial overhead.
  • Monitor their progress on tasks.
  • Implement better self and time management and free up valuable time so they can focus on things that matter the most.
  • Take action when help is needed, provide feedback and help team members avoid mistakes that have already been made in the past.
  • Visualize daily tasks and operations, using metrics and insights powered by machine learning algorithms.
  • Increase accountability and transparency.
  • Eliminate unproductive meetings.