Fracture, Inc.

Gainesville, FL

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Our mission is to help the world focus on moments that matter.

Who is Fracture?

Fracture is re-inventing the way consumers print and display their digital images. Our first product, printed glass “Fractures”, allow you to print your images directly onto glass and have them shipped right to you in our custom designed packaging. Check it out at Fracture.Me. We’ve sold over 650,000 fractures to almost 200,000+ customers in 50+ countries, but this is just the beginning. We’re just scratching the surface of our potential. Our uniqueness stems from the fact that we actually design, engineer, and manufacture something tangible, 100% in-house. Real. That’s what we love about what we do. 

We’re blending cutting edge e-commerce with lean manufacturing to make your digital images become real.