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Form Publisher

Brussels, Belgium

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Build lightweight productivity tools for normal people

We are a small profitable software company that makes multiple SaaS products used by millions of users worldwide. If you want to take a look at some of the other products we are making, you can take a look at Awesome Table and YAMM. We all have experience with both big corporations and small startups so we try to take the benefits of both with none of the downsides.

Form Publisher lets you generate documents from Google Docs templates and Google Forms answers, that get directly stored and sent to the people you want.
It is one of the very top Google Marketplace add-on. Thousands of organisations and millions of people use it to automate tedious business processes, such as generating purchase requests, invoices, quotes, certificates, and much more.

Our team is global (we have people based in France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, US, Philippines, UK, Ireland), highly motivated and competent. We are a remote first company: anyone can work fully remotely. We also have offices in Paris and Milan if that’s more your thing.

We are growing quickly, and looking for new talent that will help us reach new heights.