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Fella Health (YC W20/S21)

San Francisco, CA

Jobs posted: 2

The telehealth clinic for men with obesity, helping 1 million fellas by 2026.

Fella Health is the telehealth clinic for men with obesity, backed by Y Combinator. With Fella, patients meet a board-certified obesity doctor to prescribe FDA-approved medications, while they undertake personalized health coaching through our app.

Obesity is the largest chronic disease in the US (>$100bn spent each year) and the traditional solution ("move more, eat less") only works long-term for ~10% of people. But obesity treatment is radically changing due to a new wave of medication options which are 2-3x more effective than previous options. In addition, only 10% of those using weight management services are men: all programs market to women, not tackling the stigma men feel around this.

Fella's founders are Luke & Richie. We studied together at Cambridge University.
  • Luke studied medicine and developed a patented AI approach to detecting cancer at a YC bio company, before moving to Microsoft Research. He did a masters in Computer Science after Cambridge.
  • Richie personally struggled with stress eating for 6 years. After Cambridge, he built and sold an AI company working with the UK government. He built a 10k-follower community around men's stress eating.

You can read more about working at Fella here: https://fella.notion.site/Working-at-Fella-14a2ac8575d34d148d009bb410387af4

Fella Health is live in Texas, and we recently closed a Seed round to expand nationwide. We're backed by top health/consumer investors:
  • Y Combinator
  • BrandProject, Global Founders Capital
  • The founders of Indeed, Curative, Alan, Kaia Health, Not Boring, Vouch Insurance