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Faye Business Systems Group

Los Angeles, CA

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Faye Business Systems Group (FayeBSG) is changing the nature and approach for business software implementations all over the world. Rather than just provide installation, configuration, and training of typical CRM, accounting, and ERP software “the same old way”, FayeBSG takes a holistic approach and uses their award-winning integrations to help their clients achieve the maximum ROI for any software being implemented.

Software isn’t used in a vacuum. It’s a connected world, and CRM, accounting, and ERP software needs to follow suit. You can’t implement these mission critical software systems by themselves. They have to be implemented in such a way that they share information with other systems in the organization. You want software that works the way you hope your company works – easy, fast, efficient, accessible, communicative, supportive, and collaborative.

In addition, the software we use needs to be incredibly customizable, because…well…our businesses change. And, it isn’t right if you have to change your software every time your business changes or grows. The software needs to be able to grow with the business, and customizable software supports this. The software we use has to have options and choices related to hosting – Public Cloud, YES! Private Cloud. CHECK! An In-House Server. NO PROBLEM! And, lastly, the software needs to be reasonably priced and affordable for the average business.

We only resell software that meets these ideals. We only develop software that supports, enhances, and surpasses these goals.

Welcome to the software you’ve always wanted…. (really)