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To expand knowledge and understanding for people worldwide on what dogs need to be happy, healthy and lifelong members of their family.

Dogs That is brought to you by Susan Garrett and the Say Yes Dog Training Team. A world-leading educator of dog trainers, Susan is also one of the most successful agility competitors of the last three decades. She has won multiple Gold Medals at National or World Championship events with every dog she has ever owned over the past 30 years. Susan was one of the very first dog trainers to share knowledge online when she opened her "Clicker Dogs" website many years ago. Susan has helped hundreds of thousands of people enjoy a great relationship with their dogs through her workshops and keynote speaking around the world, award winning books, DVDs, magazine articles, blog posts, podcasts, free dog training and dog agility video series, and online dog training programs.

Susan is world-renowned for her innovative game-based positive reinforcement training that is grounded in the science of animal behaviour. A life long learner, Susan has been at the cutting edge of online education development since 2008, with the introduction of the much loved and wildly popular online dog training course, Recallers. We are planning even more sharing, education and fun in online dog training with Dogs That! Dogs that are happy, healthy and lifelong members of their family is a passion for Susan, the team, and the thousands of dog lovers who form our incredible global community.