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Santa Clara, CA

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The Accounting Automation Platform

Docyt, pronounced “docket”, (https://docyt.com) is an early-stage, fast-growing FinTech company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Docyt is passionately focused on giving small and medium-sized businesses control of their financial data. While great strides have been made in sending and receiving payments, businesses still struggle to aggregate all their financial data, understand it, and use it to make well-informed, timely decisions. Docyt brings order to data chaos.

Docyt is a super app that applies AI (artificial intelligence) across the entire accounting tech stack. Docyt digitizes financial data, automates both income and expense workflows, continuously reconciles QuickBooks, and generates real-time financial statements. That explains what we do, but here’s why it’s important. A complete, accurate, real-time financial picture empowers businesses to make smart choices. Knowledge is power, and using that knowledge to take action leads to forward momentum.

Our product is a powerhouse. It’s technically cutting edge while also being beautifully designed and easy to use. As our engineering capabilities continue to expand, we’re looking to add to our leadership team.