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Digimondo GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

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Simply Enabling IoT

The Internet of Things is the technology that is already fundamentally changing our world and our lives. However, communication between machines and humans, like all new technological developments, appears complex. IoT is a great challenge, especially for companies. DIGIMONDO transforms this complex challenge into an easy to implement opportunity. We have the vision of a digital world where everyone benefit from new technologies in their everyday lives.

As German LoRaWAN market leader we have been working on IoT solutions since 2016. We develop IoT software and advise customers on their Internet of Things projects. We enable you to operate IoT solutions independently, to optimize processes permanently and to build new, profitable business models with IoT. Unlike other IoT software providers, DIGIMONDO's IoT solutions are independent of transmission technology and manufacturers.

We have implemented over 60 IoT projects since our foundation in 2016. International corporations as well as 40 network operators in Germany use DIGIMONDO's software. As our customer you benefit from our IoT Data Hub niota, which can receive and visualise IoT data from various sources and integrate it into existing systems such as SAP. Our LoRaWAN network server firefly receives LoRaWAN data and implements it into existing systems - with high performance and strict security conditions.