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Decentralised Edge for Serious Traders

Here at DeversiFi we build and operate cutting edge blockchain-enabled financial infrastructure. Our team is a unique blend of talented professionals with an arsenal of skills coupled with backgrounds in the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, financial regulators and blue chip companies.

DeversiFi (currently built on Ethereum) is  the industry’s first professional-grade, self-custodial trading solution. DeversiFi brings security, privacy and control to the end user, without sacrificing any of the cornerstones of profitable trading (speed, liquidity, choice). 

Our mission is to create the industry’s  foremost trader ecosystem, powered by our community of $NEC holders through one of the largest DAOs in existence -- necDAO. - We’re building the world’s most liquid digital asset exchange platform, owned, run and loved by the people using it.

To ensure we get where we’re going, we’ve assembled an elite and agile team of professionals, working remotely, all  across the globe.We’re at the beginning of a fast-moving, disruptive industry. We are passionate about that,we’re optimistic about the future, and we’re hard at work shaping it.

Each member of the team is a highly motivated self-starter who is comfortable with autonomy, is dependable and believes in lifelong learning. When we’re not working, we’re dreaming about it. Not because we’re boring, but because what we do couldn’t be more exciting. We place our egos aside and thrive within a can-do, productive culture that fosters one another from the birth of a concept to the launch of a product.