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San Fransisco

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Dataquest is on a mission to make learning data science accessible and affordable to learners all over the world.

Our Philosophy
Most public education focuses on top-down curriculum — especially lectures and assessments. For some people, the structure and stability of public education works well. But for people like Vik, the pattern of "memorize-regurgitate-repeat" is boring and de-motivating.
On the other end of the spectrum, self-taught learners are often highly driven, because they've found a project or topic that deeply motivates them. But self-taught learning lack structure, so self-taught learners often get stuck and find themselves wondering, "What should I learn next?" or "Is this what I need to be learning to achieve my goal?"

At Dataquest we strive to combine the best of both worlds.
Our curriculum is built around interesting, real-world projects, so you learn how to apply skills to real problems. But we also structure the missions so you get immediate feedback, just like in a classroom, and provide overall paths so you know you're learning the right topic.
Together, it's a powerful combination.