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We help sales and marketing teams of the best start-ups and SaaS companies in the world prospect smarter, be more human in their outreach, and drive productivity across their teams.

DataBees is a successful, self-funded/bootstrapped start-up that operates on a fully remote basis since before remote was a thing.

Our teams are diverse, fully distributed across a multitude of countries, and cast a wide net across different backgrounds and lifestyles. It's our differences that make us interesting and the topmost priority of helping our clients is what binds us together. With no offices, we are looking for team members who are comfortable with and motivated by the opportunity to work remotely.

We hate bureaucracy and slow-moving organizations. We love lean, iterative improvements and well-defined processes and measure our success by the value we create for our clients. 

Ready for the next step in your career and to prove to yourself and us that you are ready to be the sales lead of a fast-growing company? Join our hive and apply today!