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DataAutomation Inc

Athens, GA

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To reclaim time for creative innovation through automation, delegation, and elimination of manual tasks.

DataAutomation was founded in 2016 to help companies large and small eliminate manual processes and take back their creative energy. 

Having looked at thousands of manual processes, our team has developed a bullet proof method of taking any manual task and turning it into the most effective automation possible. On a daily basis we support Zapier users at law firms, real estate agencies, eCommerce companies, non-profits, development agencies, restaurant cleaning companies, among others.

We also work with Saas companies like Intuit, InfusionSoft, Rocket Genius (Gravity Forms), ShipStation and Skubana to help their users solve automation problems on a macro level. 

DataAutomation is here to help in the following ways:
STEPS Framework - DataAutomation can connect any system you need to any technology imaginable. We connect everything from Fax Machines to REST API's. Our STEPS Framework is specifically built to allow us to reuse our code so our clients get custom integration work at a fraction of the cost.

Extension Building - DataAutomation's team of experts understands what it means when data can't be accessed normally. We specialize in building out extensions to help you get at the data you need without ever sharing your passwords.  This includes adding custom fields to systems where that wouldn't be possible normally.

Zapier Integrations - DataAutomation is the only company in the world that is both a Zapier Certified Expert and an approved Zapier App Developer. We help SaaS companies as well as general Zapier users build private and public integrations on Zapier's ever-growing ecosystem. 

Expert Automation Webinars - We regularly host educational webinars for companies like ShipStation and Neto, teaching users how to avoid the common pitfalls many encounter when trying to automate. Let us set your audience up for success and create some evergreen content so they can get excited about using automation! 

DataAutomation Inc helps companies big and small eliminate manual processes through exceptional automations and integrations. By employing platforms like Zapier as well as our own custom framework, let our team help you and your clients get back some of that most precious commodity - time! 

DataAutomation is an equal opportunity employer.