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Crystal Media

Carlsbad, CA

Jobs posted: 2

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We're devoted to helping small business retailers grow. We're happy to help and believe in making an impact through empowering and having fun!

Crystal Media empowers independent retailers through social media education and done-for-you services, helping mom and pops reach new levels of success in their businesses.

In everything we do, we aim to inspire confidence and action. We lead a fun-loving culture with a happy to help mentality whether for another team member, client or partner, “that’s not my job” is not part of our vocabulary or mindset, we’re truly happy to help. This means ultimate patience, enthusiasm and positivity is a must to fit in with the Crystal Media culture.

Since we’re a small, but mighty team, we jump in where needed and are not afraid to get our hands dirty in the details. We do whatever it takes to do the best we can in our specific roles. When it comes to our clients and community, we lead with compassion. We understand that everyone is doing the very best they can in the moment, and when it comes to social media and digital marketing, many of our customers are overwhelmed and feel left behind. This is why the “happy to help” mentality is critical to any role at Crystal Media.