Code For Cash, Inc.

New York, NY

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Code For Cash recruits software developers in ways that are high-integrity, non-intrusive and mutually profitable

  • Your compensation (and title) is primarily determined by the value you deliver.  If you want to deliver more value and earn in line with that, you’re always welcome.  Be financially invested in the company’s success.  
  • We’re human.  We don’t expect perfection.  We expect owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility for solutions.
  • Stay positive in terms of mental attitude and self-respect. 
  • We’re winners.  We know that excellence is a habit, and being good comes from continually dragging our feet forward.  But sometimes we don’t feel like coming to work.  That’s normal.  Take a day off and recharge.  But if it’s becoming a habit, there’s probably a deeper issue – we should address it and find a way to tighten our positive feedback loops.
  • Done is way better than done perfect.  Quickly is way better than slowly.  Ultimately, it’s the result that matters.
  • Ask for help but be as self-sufficient as possible.  Get just the minimum amount of feedback, help, information or resources you need to get moving again.  Then take ownership of the solution.
  • Our backgrounds are extraordinarily different; we are united by our love of technology and our desire for independence and freedom.
  • Go above and beyond every time.  No exceptions.  
  • People usually don't change so we don't expect them to. This applies for both Code For Cash employees and customers in our market. Listen to their needs and if it’s not a good fit, support them with grace – whether that means moving on or giving them the support they need to grow.