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It's your money. Own it.

Banking is boring... and broken. That's why we made Cleo. She's helped over 1.7 million people in the US, Canada and UK feel better about their money. We launched in 2016, are a fast-growing start-up, backed by the founders of Skype, Transferwise and Zoopla.

In the past year we’ve scaled the team from 6 to 45, launched in North America, closed a $10m Series A led by Balderton Capital, and scaled to over 1.5 million users. We’re building a world-leading team as we grow, driving us toward hundreds of millions of users across the world.
Mission: Like your bank, if they actually cared.

Cleo’s not a bank and she doesn’t want your money.

Think: habit tracking and money management app, all wrapped up in an extremely intelligent chatbot. Cleo sits above your bank accounts and uses AI to analyse your spending and provide actionable insights. Users get a range of features such as easy spending trackers budget goal setting, whilst also help avoid overdraft charges like auto-savings or cash back rewards. All of this works towards helping users reach their financial goals.

For you, that could mean getting out of your overdraft, saving up for a down payment, or just being able to look at your balance without falling into a deep depression.

For the banks though, it means you’re better informed and much harder to exploit.