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Ann Arbor, MI

Jobs posted: 1

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Let's Fix Healthcare, Together.

CareEvolution is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based software company. Our platform allows healthcare providers, medical researchers, and consumers to make better health and wellness decisions faster. We're looking for talented folks to join our team in solving some of the most difficult problems in healthcare.

CareEvolution's platform is in active use at various US statewide health information exchanges, large public and private exchanges, and medical-research based exchanges used by the Federal Government, among myriad other organizations.
Our team is quite small - fewer than 100 - but all of us are technical. We maintain a strong start-up/hacker culture. Our platform is recognized by leading industry analysts as the most technologically sophisticated solution on the market.

We are focused and execute very quickly. But we also have a lot of fun - including hackathons every eight weeks, biannual company-wide get-togethers, board game nights, etc.

Our culture is a little unusual. We have been remote-first since our founding 18 years ago. Ours is a flat, managerless organization. As such, the ability for our colleagues to self-manage is essential. Our colleagues are all exceptional; they care deeply about the mission - and about each other. Because we value our employees, we pay very well. And although we work hard, maintaining a healthy work-life fusion is a core value for us. Check out our founder’s talk about our culture here: https://www.infoq.com/presentations/careevolution/