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Cardinal Financial

Cardinal Financial | Charlotte, NC

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Cardinal Financial is a fast-growing, technology-based mortgage lender reinventing how people get home loans. We understand great people are the key to great companies.

Our Technology:
Our application is a challenging and complex system that includes lender and borrower interfaces, workflow, document management, advanced automation, and integrations with external entities and services. 

The server architecture is stateless, cleanly managing the business logic and persistence layer, exposed as a RESTful JSON API. The server is written using a combination of Java 11 on Jetty, and Node.js for asynchronous tasks. Our database is MySQL with MyBatis ORM and uses Redis for caching and non-critical message queueing.

The UI uses a custom, JavaScript MVC framework with dynamic code loading modules, client-side routing and templates, powerful data-binding features, integrated services, and advanced component architecture.

Our applications are containerized, utilizing AWS services to deploy on EC2 via ECS.  We use Aurora to scale and handle DB failover. We monitor with CloudWatch and push urgent issues to PagerDuty for triage.  We use Jenkins to test and deploy.

All infrastructure is built with Infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform. Server images are built with Packer to enable reproducible results with security hardening. We use GuardDuty, AWS Config and Macie for security analysis.

We develop on Macs, manage our code in git, and collaborate using chat and Asana.