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Manage all your equity on a single online platform – from seed to exit


While working together at a crowdfunding platform, Christian Gabriel and Casper Arboll noticed a problem. Time and again they saw companies structuring equity in messy spreadsheets, which had huge consequences for small shareholders and employees.

Instead of working to the advantage of these crowdfunded businesses, equity was a thorn in their side, draining resources and causing bottlenecks. So when Christian and Casper couldn’t find a solution to this problem, they made Capdesk.

First designed to simplify equity management in crowdfunded companies, Capdesk’s full potential soon became clear – and the team started working on a platform to help every private company make the most of its equity.


Capdesk has come a long way since then. Joining as Co-Founders in 2015, Martin Damhus and Mikkel Boje helped to transform the platform from a smart alternative to spreadsheets into a powerful equity management tool.

The initial cap table software is now complemented by a suite of features that turn equity, options and warrants into a tangible bonus for employees, and a powerful method for employers to incentivise their workforce.


We’re on a mission to change finance for good, and doing that takes more than technology. Our vision is of a future where equity is a core component of the employee experience in unlisted companies.

We envision equity better utilised by employers and better understood by workers. Not just as a deal-sweetener for new hires, but used to align, incentivise and reward employees throughout their careers. We envision employees empowered to access the wealth they helped to create at a time that suits them. No more waiting for an IPO or a sale to ‘cash out’ on your shares.