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New York, NY

Jobs posted: 44

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Support and empower quality content creators everywhere.

CafeMedia connects authentic publishers, engaged audiences and leading brands to make the internet a better place. We are a leading digital media company that supports over 2,000 high-quality content creators. The company’s content collective, AdThrive, is the first and preeminent ad monetization platform for premium mid-sized digital publishers with superior ad optimization support, the latest ad fulfillment technology, and a customer-first approach. AdThrive empowers its creators to make a living doing what they love – producing great content – while managing the advertising for them. The collective force of content creators reaches over 120 million monthly unique visitors and 417 million social followers. CafeMedia provides premium programmatic media solutions that connect brands to deeply engaged audiences in food, family, home, and more. Brand partners get access to a highly curated pool of inventory with a focus on high viewability, brand-safe units and the right context or audience to drive exceptional performance.