BuildWitt Media Group

Nashville, TN

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We’re on a mission to change the dirt world—heavy construction, mining, and heavy equipment—for the better by telling stories, defining brands and ultimately inspiring the next generation of builders.

BuildWitt isn't your typical marketing agency. We shoveled rock and pounded stakes long before marketing ever entered our minds. We LOVE dirt and the heavy equipment that moves it. BuildWitt is more than a job or a means to provide for our families - it gives us purpose. 

When you work at BuildWitt, you have the opportunity to work with the best companies and people in mining and construction. Every project you work on sets the standard for others to follow and has the potential to change lives for the better. 

Core Values

We want all-stars that are passionate about our mission and can align around our values. 
  • Spectacular results are always preceded by spectacular preparation.
  • Excellence is a habit.
  • 1 great person=3 good people.
  • There’s no right way to do the wrong thing.
  • Be a friend, not a vendor.
  • Communication IS leadership.
  • Decision-making is expected.
  • Work hard, play hard.
  • Think safe, work safe.