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Greenwich, CT

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BuildBook is a web and mobile collaboration hub for the residential construction industry. Our product enables builders and homeowners to collaborate more effectively, make better decisions, and simplify the construction process. Builders love us because we help them make more money while making their customers happy. Homeowners love us because we give them a feeling of control and help make renovation less stressful.

We are an early-stage, fully remote startup with people in Seattle, Atlanta, NYC and more. We are moving fast and are laser-focused on a specific customer and specific problem. We have a rock-solid MVP in market, early customers that are raving about us, and a big vision to solve a massive problem. 

The opportunity at BuildBook to make a lasting impact is huge - the market in the US alone is $540B per year and is made up of over 550,000 small businesses focused on residential construction and remodeling.