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Save Time, Book More.

BookingSync is more than a vacation rental solution for hosts and agencies; it is a platform for hundreds of applications and developers. We need an excellent and highly-experienced engineer to take on the challenges of developing scalable APIs, beautifully designed micro/macro-services, modelling complex domain, extending current complex ecosystem and doing all that following TDD, writing a code of excellent quality and embodying the Extreme Ownership mentality (bonus points if you know Jocko Willink).

We are growing fast as so are our requirements for scalability and stability. We are no longer at a scale where adding X number of servers solves all the issues. Database sharding, replicating data via message queues/distributed streams, optimizing response times in APIs to the max, integration with multiple services coming from our own ecosystem and numerous third-party services, and very soon dealing with big data - those are the things you can surely expect to be challenged by.

We are also a fully-remote async/distributed company across the entire world without a physical office. If travelling (and software development, of course) is your passion and you highly value location-independence, BookingSync is the right place for you.