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Melbourne and Adelaide (Australia)

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Bluethumb is the home of Australian artists.

Bluethumb is one of Australia's most exciting creative technology companies and Australia's largest online art marketplace and has been growing strongly now for over 9 years. 

We represent over 11,000 emerging and established artists from Australia and work with 20 of Australia's most remote Aboriginal Art Centres to give you access to more Australian artists and their art than anywhere else in the world.

We have sold over 30,000 original Australian artworks to everyone; from first time art buyers to established collectors and Australia's finest architecture firms.

We started out in 2012, with a mission to empower Australia’s artists and open up the world of original art to everyday collectors. We were very small, with no funding and the odds against us.

Everyone told us it was impossible. Established art galleries and those in the industry scoffed at the notion of buying art online, of treating all artists equally and allowing collectors to trust their own judgement. We thought it made sense and launched anyway.

But more than that we didn’t want Australia to have to wait until our artists made it into a national gallery, or worse, for artists to have to die to discover their stories (like so many in history).

And so Bluethumb was born.