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Bear Group

Seattle, Wa

Jobs posted: 20

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Bear Group is a leading website development firm dedicated to building and supporting websites and eCommerce solutions that help businesses grow.

Bear Group was founded in Seattle in January 2007 on a passion for open source platforms— especially Drupal, and later Magento®—and their power to grow a business. Small businesses no longer have to license expensive software to get started, or depend on a webmaster to keep their sites up to date; large businesses are made more efficient with a rock-solid CMS and e-commerce platform that don’t require the development or management of proprietary platforms.

Since Bear Group opened, we have been able to help companies grow their business in many different ways. Sometimes it’s by creating a new sales channel by opening an online store-- or driving sales by vastly improving an existing one. Sometimes it’s by developing a more professional, authoritative web presence, or building a site that’s ready for search engine marketing. Sometimes it’s by empowering a business to manage its own site so it can keep it fresh and ensure that customers have a reason to visit. And sometimes it’s in the cost savings of making a web business so much more efficient.