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"Avataris" creates a most realistic, VR/AR capable life simulation like “The Sims”.

We are AVATARIS, an international software company that is actively developing a game with Unity 3D. Like “The Sims”, it will focus on interpersonal relationships and at the same time use maximum realism and state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced graphics, especially in VR (e.g. using AI, speech recognition, complex personality, procedural animations, physical hair/clothes/muscles/skin and VR hand tracking & interactions, etc.). We focus on perfection and expect the highest quality and immersion. 

As part of our team, you would work with Unity's state-of-the-art cutting-edge technologies to push the boundaries of realism, and create a breathtakingly beautiful game with unique depth and gameplay concept with enormous market potential. All of our scenes and 3D models are fully interactive - like in real life. For the expansion of our remote team, we are looking for several Unity 3D game developers.