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Somerville, MA

Jobs posted: 6

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Appsembler is on a mission to help companies unlock the potential of their employees, customers, and users. We are proud to be a fast-growing, globally distributed team.

Where would we be without knowledge and a society of passionate learners? From science to the humanities, the acquisition of skills and knowledge are key to what it means to be human, and what it means to operate as a healthy society.

The Appsembler team is committed to furthering this ongoing spread of knowledge and skills, which are critical to making us who we are. Appsembler’s two key products, Tahoe and Virtual Labs, form an experiential learning platform that gives learners direct experience with various software via hands-on exercises. On a daily basis, we work closely with companies like Redis, Cybereason, and Progress Software, as well as institutions like The Pennsylvania State University and The Open University.

Appsembler is, and has been for nearly 5 years, a fully remote team. That means that we are not limited by borders, and we hire and operate in a manner that assumes that team members are not co-located. For this position, we do strongly prefer that your availability align with either the Western or Mountain US time zones.

We love to learn new things, and we each like to share what we’ve learned with teammates, customers, partners, and the open-source community.

We’re empathetic, curious, and care about the wellbeing of our teammates.