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Atlanta, GA, USA

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AODocs is a new generation SaaS document management platform, which helps companies control their documents and optimize their business processes: for example pharmaceutical companies must follow many government regulations in the way they create, review and publish their internal documentation related to new drugs, HR departments must collect and retain employee-related documents in a certain way, bank and insurance companies generate billions of statements of account and other financial documents every year which must be properly archived and retained, etc. and incur multi-million dollar fines if they don’t do it in compliance. 

The market for this type of solution is estimated at $12 billion in 2019, and is currently dominated by traditional players like IBM, OpenText and Microsoft with products that were born in the 1990’s and still provide a “Windows 95” like user experience. In the 2019 edition of the Gartner Magic Quadrant (the “who’s who” listing the top 20 solutions of the market), AODocs is the only one that has been founded after 2010, meaning that all the other solutions were created at the time when the only meaning of “cloud” was “something that could make rain”. The other major analyst firm, Forrester, has positioned AODocs as the most advanced cloud document management solution on the market, ex aequo with Microsoft SharePoint Online. 

AODocs is a global, fast-growing company (about 100 people worldwide, mostly in the US, France, and Italy), and while relatively small, is already enterprise-grade. It is used by major companies like Google, Colgate Palmolive, Uber, PwC, Red Hat, Equifax, Whirlpool, Air Liquide, Ascension, as their primary document management platform for business critical applications, after replacing the incumbent technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, OpenText.