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Picture The Difference

We’re a fun, curious, and diverse bunch made up of 60 people hailing from 12 nationalities and spread across five time zones. Yet, we all have one thing in common: the desire to empower everyone to tell great visual stories that matter. But making something that’s easy yet powerful – like, say, an easy-to-use design tool that empowers everyone to compete in a world of Netflix and Playstations and million-dollar marketing budgets – is hard. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. And purposeful. And we daresay fun.

Why you should join us?
  • 4-day Work Week and Work/life harmony: Although we expect you to be available throughout the day, we're family-friendly and we give you the flexibility you need to stay happy and healthy.
  • A diverse culture: We come from various backgrounds and parts of the world. We cherish our company culture and form a bunch of fun people to work with. 
  • Limited meetings: You're not stuck relaying information in meetings every day of the week.
  • Transparent leadership: Both the CEO and your direct manager are always available to chat and listen to your feedback, time zones permitting.
  • Learning opportunities: personal development goals and a budget dedicated to your growth.