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FYI helps companies create a more productive and happier workplace through the use of technology that bridges timezones, teams and tools.

Work has become fragmented.
No single app will ever provide everything a whole company needs. Each team uses their own set of tools to create, store, and share information.
Work is now distributed across time zones, teams, and tools. 
It’s getting worse. Self-service, freemium, and SaaS apps have given anyone the ability to easily add another app to their company.
Even enterprise companies are struggling as they move to the cloud and realize that shared drives and workspaces are a thing of the past.
With this fragmentation, it’s now impossible to see what’s happening at work.
FYI brings documents, teams, and tools into a single interface that’s connected to all the software that a company uses.

Our Story

FYI is the result of over 500 conversations with customers, thousands of survey responses, extensive competitive analysis, an early prototype that was built in five days, and numerous product iterations and growth experiments.
The small remote team at FYI has been hard at work solving a huge problem. FYI was launched in 2018 to help solve the most painful problem people have with documents: finding them. This isn’t just a problem individuals have. Teams and companies have it even worse.
FYI co-founder & CEO Hiten Shah has spent over a decade building software products, including Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He and his co-founder Marie Prokopets are committed to solving the information mess inside of companies and making FYI the one source of truth for organizations.
You’ll be joining as a key member of the team to build the future of how everyone in a company finds and shares information.