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Hotjar is the user feedback & behavior analytics tool that answers questions traditional web analytics tools can’t. It helps you to see what people actually do on your website and get their direct feedback so you can improve their experience.

Their talented team works on the compelling challenges that come with large-scale web traffic and analytics, on a product that has a real impact on the thousands of users from around the world.

“We work in an agile environment, 100% remotely,and actively encourage both personal and professional growth; learn by doing is one of our core values.”

HQ: The beautiful island of Malta, in the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean

Team: Spread throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa, their team of 79 casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

“It’s our differences that make us interesting and our shared belief in Hotjar’s core values that bind us together.”

Focusing on personal development, Hotjar's culture is guided by respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback.

Recruitment process:

Hotjar’s currently hiring! See all roles available

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