Remote Work Events

Remote-first Online Conference

January 14-15, 2020

"Learn valuable insights and get answers on running and managing a remote tech team directly from industry experts."

Nomad Summit 2020

January 17-21, 2020 • Chiang Mai, Thailand

"The biggest conference for digital nomads. It’s the ultimate place to learn from highly successful professionals and network with hundreds of like-minded people who share your goals and vision. Come learn, grow and meet your future business partners, employers, mentors, and best friends."

Running Remote 2020

April 20-21, 2020 • Austin, USA

"Running Remote is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize the very next day to manage and grow your distributed team. Their mission is to provide the education and tools that founders & professionals need to succeed in the future of work."

The Virtual Working Summit 2020

October 2020

"Featuring short audio interviews with inspiring virtual leaders, at a time to suit you, one per day, it also gives you the chance to interact with the other participants online. This is a unique way for you to develop your skills without travelling. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day."

The Remote Work Summit

"The Remote Work Summit is an initiative to bring together 14+ industry leaders from multiple Fortune 500 companies, startups and agencies and talk about the challenges & frameworks to build effective remote teams, organizations & careers."

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