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You will
  • Develop and own the entire user acquisition and growth strategy (sometimes from inception) to scale.
  • Identify, validate, and optimize new channels for growth, depending company scope. This could include:
  • Online acquisition (search, display, retargeting, social)
  • Offline (Billboards, building advertisements)
  • Direct Mail, Podcast, and Video Advertising
  • Viral loops
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Non-paid search and SEO
  • B2B: Lead generation and scoring
  • Effective development of end-to-end marketing campaigns.
  • Effective management of project timeline, issues, risks, dependencies, and deliverables.
  • Management of production agencies/vendors/contractors to develop campaigns.
  • Defining, driving, and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) for growth.
  • Own important metrics around growth, including conversion rates, activation rates, CAC, LTV, and ROI.
  • Develop an experimental approach to drive metrics, including A/B testing, rapid iteration and data analysis to make data-driven hypothesis (SQL is helpful).
  • Optimize funnels and conversion rates across landing pages and in-product flows.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams, including Product and Engineering to understand user touchpoints and optimize user experience across the product.
  • Build reporting dashboards and attribute ad spend by channel.

What we value:

- “Google it” aka “feel empowered to learn and figure it out yourself”

- Don’t quit your side job - each of us loves learning and doing things on the side and brings back knowledge and ideas

- Ask for forgiveness, not permission- we empower employees to experiment and get things done rather than setting up artificial roadblocks

- (almost) All Mistakes are forgivable

- Replace yourself mentality- document your process, think about how someone new coming into the company would see your work/documentation.

- Work ends when your tasks end- we feel that employees should manage their time and tasks themselves. Finish all of your tasks for the day in 2 hours? See you tomorrow!

- Whatever you’d like to do for free, we help figure out how to get you paid to do it

- Be authentic and raw- everything from our marketing to our product features requires authenticity. We want to hear “um” and “uh”

- Work on your terms- Work where you want, when you want. We keep meetings to a minimum and encourage our team members to  work whatever hours fit their schedule

- Over communicate part 1: we often find speaking to others causes the “rubber duck effect” which can solve the issues you're running into without a response. It’s magic

- Over communicate part 2: letting your team and exit buddy know what you’re up to creates trust- The most essential part of a remote team

- Extreme ownership- we are one team and we succeed (or fail) as one. Owning your mistakes releases the tension for everyone and in turn, builds trust

- Open mic every night- We like to be involved in all the things. This means if you see a broken button, have an idea for a feature, want to have input on the next campaign, etc, the floor is open

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