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Now Hiring: Remote General Manager 

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Why should you work for Video Husky?

We’re a remote-first video editing company focused on editing talking edit videos right first time in 2 days or less for the hundreds of solo or small team video creators that we work with.

The problem that we’re most excited about solving is helping our video content creators produce more and better content without burning out.

This matters because simultaneously hiring A-level team members, managing their workflow while also still creating content is hard. For a video creator to attempt this all by him or herself is to risk wasting hundreds of dollars and weeks of effort testing potential editors only to be disappointed and end up editing again.

Yet to not build a team around oneself is to also risk burnout because the other reality to face is that consistently creating video content is more than one person’s full-time job.

That’s, in a nutshell, is why we exist. By focusing on sourcing high integrity yet skillful editors and streamline their workflows, we’re able to help serious video creators produce twice the content in half the effort with zero editing burnout or breaking the bank.

Position Details

Your primary role is to ensure Video Husky grows in a profitable and sustainable manner. This primarily means being responsible for finances and forecasts, keeping the leadership team (head of acquisition, operations, and hiring) on the same page and accountable to their metrics and being responsible for the wellbeing of the staff at the company.

This is a remote position that is results-focused. You won’t be judged on the number of hours worked, in fact, you’ll probably spend less than 20 hours a week actively working in the business, but will be ensuring maximum clarity in the leadership team to ensure everybody is moving in the same direction harmoniously.

You’ll receive competitive base pay as well as the opportunity for increases tied into your ability to grow the company profitably.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage finances to ensure profitability
    • Building forecasts that everybody agrees on
    • Keeping spending within agreed-upon budgets
  • Keep leadership team accountable to their forecasted metrics and numbers
    • Head of acquisition = new customers
    • Ops supervisor = customer satisfaction
    • Hiring manager = balanced new hires
  • Establish and manage staff career track and expectations
    • Illustrate clear career path and ending for staff at VH
  • Implement and manage an “operating system” that the leadership team works from
    • Shared vision, goals, and to-do lists
    • Shared method to track metrics and keep
  • Identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities
    • Potential customer acquisition channel areas
    • Potential new products based on feedback
    • Re-engineer and innovate on business model and economics
  • Mediate and manage issues when they arise
    • Be ready to manage emergencies gracefully when they inevitably arise
  • Remove obstacles and barriers
    • Identify bottlenecks and remove them to enable staff to get work done better and faster
    • Build and optimize workflows for increased efficiency and/or effectiveness

Who You Are

  • Financially literate
    • P&L responsibility means you need to understand how to drive profit while balancing growth and expenses.
  • Metrics and results-driven
    • You care about getting things done, not just taking action.
    • You believe in establishing and tracking metrics as leading indicators to deliver results.
  • Great at diagnosing and prioritizing situations and bottlenecks
    • You don’t need to know the solution to everything, (you can hire for that), but you can confidently identify which problems to manage first.
  • Detail-oriented
    • You believe the devil is in the details and are happy to go through the weeds to fix a problem when necessary.
  • Disciplined and systematic
    • You enjoy keeping people accountable for their tasks
  • Organized and proactive planning
    • You believe in keeping everything organized and tracking numbers on a weekly basis to ensure improvement.

Who you are not

  • Technical video editing skills or knowledge
    • While preferred – actual technical video editing knowledge isn’t necessary. We have strong editors and managers who all have the requisite editing knowledge.
  • Marketing genius
    • Besides ops, we also have an acquisition marketing and sales team that will handle the day-to-day functions of acquiring new customers. While part of your role will be to grow through acquisition, there is already a team in place to make the acquisition happen and it’s more your role to keep them accountable.

Personality and Values

  • Take responsibility
    • You want to make things better.
    • You are somebody who cares about making a difference for others.
  • Deliver results
    • You don’t make excuses.
    • You always take pride in a job well done.
  • Essentialist
    • You can’t be everything to everyone, so you set boundaries and prioritize so you can do less to deliver better.
    • You put the time and effort needed to get things done, but care about things beyond work and protect that.
  • Seek improvement
    • You are always trying to find ways to do things better or faster, for yourself and for others.
  • Win-win
    • You are the kind of person who only invests in great linear relationships and you would rather say no if that’s not the case.
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