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B2B Internet Marketing Generalist


Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
View all TestDome jobs → is a fast-growing company offering automated testing of job candidates on samples of actual work. About 70% of our 1.900+ customers are from English-speaking countries and the list of customers include companies such as eBay, PayPal and Turkish Airlines.,'s older sister company is .NET component vendor whose main products are GemBox.Spreadsheet and GemBox.Document. They are used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide (including NASA, the U.S. Navy, Microsoft, and Deutsche Bank) to import and export various Excel, Word, and PDF files.

As both businesses are growing, we need someone dedicated to marketing our product and services. Initially, the focus will be on:
  • Managing (analyzing, optimizing, and discovering new) acquisition channels: SEO, content marketing, email, LinkedIn/AdWords ads, etc.
  • Managing the funnel: analyzing user behavior and conversions, creating hypotheses and A/B testing ideas, redesigning the funnel.
  • Main tools we use today: AccuRanker, Google Analytics, and Visual Website Optimiser.

We are looking for a naturally curious person, a keen problem solver with English writing skills. You are expected to be or become a B2B internet marketing generalist as you will need to do both high-level things (e.g. redesigning the funnel) and low-level things (e.g. executing A/B tests and link building for new products) as well as all things in-between (e.g. copywriting).

  • Experience with A/B testing
  • Experience with UX prototyping
  • Experience with copywriting
  • Good knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Good SEO knowledge
  • Experience with AdWords
  • Fluent in English

We will treat you exceptionally well. You don’t need to come to the office. If you want, you can work in your flip-flops from the beach. All fifteen of us at TestDome and GemBox telecommute and get together every few months.

The salary range we're ready to offer is gross USD 29,000-42,000 per year.

So, are you ready to take the challenge?

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