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About you:

You’re a seasoned (mid to senior level) Rails developer in *North America or Europe* who might also know JavaScript, Sysadmin or UI/UX skills.

You put users first and thrive in data driven environments. We focus on changes that make meaningful differences to our merchants. However, rather than building exactly what our customers ask for, we look at requests through the lens of our experience and tend toward making the most impact for the most of our customers. If our merchants are succeeding, then we're succeeding.

You want to do what you love (Rails) without being distracted by commuting, long hours and office politics.

You're ok solving hard problems and occasionally getting into the guts of the machine. Our code base has been around for 10 years, and we certainly have some updating to do to ensure we thrive long term and can scale with our users.

About our team:

We act like owners, and we do the right thing, always. 

We’re always nice, but hold each other to a high bar; we keep each other grounded and try to give each other the support to do our best work.

We work remotely, we get the job done and largely work when we want to as long as we all overlap a few hours a day. We won't get upset if your child is sick or you need a day off to argue with estate agents or builders (it happens to the best of us). We're busy at work, but like our merchants we have lives too.

We’re focused on building great products that our users want and need, as well as staying bootstrapped and profitable for the long haul.

As a small team we don't have project managers.  While we discuss broad direction as a team, on a day by day basis you'll be responsible for your work so you'll need to be good at taking ownership and reporting back to the team and moving with urgency and focus.

Our team subscribes to strong beliefs loosely held. Stand for something, but we are all willing to see things from a different perspective. Disagree and commit if we have to (but hopefully we find common ground to agree).

In Computer Science (and business more broadly), there are hard problems that need solving, and hard problems that don't need solving. It’s important to focus and prioritize the problems that our users need us to solve.

A bit about what we can offer:

Competitive compensation.

Unlimited PTO/sick days. It’s *not* just a policy, we want people to take vacation. Just align with the team first.

A sensible work/life balance. Our general approach is to work ~8/hrs day. That gives you a chance to do what you love outside of work, which means you'll come back the next day refreshed and effective.  We do sometimes get caught up in the excitement of a new feature launch and work much more.  A culture of always-on long hours benefits nobody. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: please make sure to apply via WWR application process to ensure we see your application! And, we'd love to hear "why SendOwl" and "why this role" in your application. Thanks so much.

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