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Senior Front-End Web Developer

Full-TimeProgrammingFront-EndAnywhere (100% Remote) Only


Saucepos is a technology startup with an ambitious vision and enormous room for growth serving independently owned and operated "mom and pop" ethnic restaurants.  The way in which such restaurants operate is changing, and Saucepos aims to be at the forefront of that transformation.  The efficiency improvements currently available only to franchises and big chains will become available to independent restaurant owners for a monthly or annual fee.  The enormous complexities and challenges in operating a successful restaurant will be greatly simplified.  The floodgates to restaurant entrepreneurship will open. 

Saucepos was founded by Adrian Pinter, a Thai restaurant owner and Microsoft .NET developer with 25+ years' experience in multiple industries.  Over the course of eight years of developing the Saucepos restaurant management solution, Adrian also developed a powerful client-server framework that's soon to be open-sourced.  See for details.  A useful comparison for JavaScript devs, regarding the client-side component, is with the state management library MobX since it implements similar concepts. 


Saucepos is seeking a front-end or full-stack web developer whose skill set compliments that of the company's technical founder.  This is primarily a front-end position, but additional back-end skills are preferred.  You'll be the #2 developer and have a big impact while working directly with the founder.  You'll shape a small company by applying your talent and passion in your own way.  As Saucepos grows, you'll also be encouraged and supported in broadening your horizons.  The right candidate for this position can earn equity following a vesting schedule. 

You should be passionate about what you do, and love your work as much as we do.  You must take responsibility for your area and contribute to Saucepos's success.  We're looking for someone who can say “Yes, that's me!” to the following: 
  • PROBLEM SOLVER who goes deep to understand the problem, considers/experiments with various solutions and finds optimal path, and learns on the fly to overcome any and all obstacles 
  • WELL GROUNDED with object-oriented and functional foundations upon which to learn new APIs and libraries, and architect code in a way that encourages flexibility, modularity, and reuse 
  • WELL ROUNDED thus can wear the hat of an architect, designer, project leader - not just a programmer 
  • CLEVER in that you solve challenging problems in ways that look effortless and simple 
  • PROACTIVE in squashing bugs before they surface to others 
  • SUCCINCT but comprehensive in both the code you write and your communications with team members 
  • PERFECTIONIST who writes self-documenting code, refactors to lower technical debt and increase maintainability, and iterates to create delightful consumer experiences 
  • OPINIONATED when discussing your area of expertise with your boss 
  • SELF-AWARE in that you work autonomously but know when to seek design, architectural, or specialized input 

First Project 

You'll be responsible for a number of projects involving online food ordering.  The first one revolves around building the online ordering feature of Saucepos's restaurant management software.  The feature will reside on the listing pages of what’s basically a restaurant directory website, which you’ll also build.  While Saucepos's mobile app and back-end are already implemented, this front-end piece is mostly greenfield.  As the company's first web dev, your design decisions and engineering skill will shape architecture and best-practices affecting this and future web-based projects. 
  • FRONT END requires React, TypeScript, and either MobX, Redux, or the Context API.  The ideal candidate is a front-end expert who can recommend the latest in state management.  Also, you'll need to integrate with some APIs with which you're probably unfamiliar.  The main page needs a search feature using Google's location API.  The site must also have functionality for adding a listing, including integrating with Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).  HTML/CSS skills are a plus, in which case you'd also be tasked with implementing the web design. 
  • BACK END prefers MongoDB experience since you'd use its geospatial search and paging capability.  The back-end is an Asp.Net Core 2.2 web API, so experience with it is also a plus. 


Benefits include: 
  • Competitive salary depending on experience 
  • Meaningful equity 
  • Work remotely from anywhere 
  • Opportunity to grow 
  • Work-life balance encouraged 
  • RT ticket to annual retreat in Thailand (optional) 

How to Apply 

Please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to, along with the following information: 
  • How many years’ experience with Redux (or MobX)? 
  • How many years’ experience with TypeScript? 
  • Do you have design skill?  How many years’ experience with HTML/CSS? 
  • What’s your professional or pet project web app that you've most proud of having contributed to?  Describe its front-end stack, state management, and your contribution.  Provide project link and demo login. 
  • Availability and expected salary range 

To get a sense of how you think, please share your take on the following questions: 
  • What’s the article or blog post you’ve written covering a front-end topic that you’re most proud of?  Share the link. 
  • Looking again at the developer values listed in the Position section above, which three resonate with you the most?  Explain how they relate to your experience.  Also, what values are missing? 
  • The first project being greenfield, what’s the latest and greatest in front-end libraries you recommend – for state management in particular? 

We value great writers, so take your time with the application. Stock cover letters won’t do – tell us why you want this job, not just any job.  We’ll let you know that we’ve received your application and what the next steps are. We can’t wait to hear from you! 
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