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Customer Success Manager - North America


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Customer Success Manager @ Qwilr

The simple goal of this role and of our broader Sales, Success & Support team is to ensure that our customers and users have a great time using Qwilr. No more, no less. 

While our product team work hard to make Qwilr incredibly easy to use - most people really do appreciate a little bit of help. We have a spectacular team in Support who do this through building out our help articles and reactively answering questions (mainly via email and chat), and a fantastic Sales team who focus on proactively helping new users to have a good time during the first few weeks. 

We want to also become truly excellent at proactively helping our customers once they have signed up to pay. This role will be our first purely customer success focused role. We want someone who is eager to help all of our customers have a great time using Qwilr. 

Qwilr is lucky enough to have many SMB customers as well as customers in the mid-market to enterprise range. You will need to be able to work with both groups - this will likely mean quarterly calls with large accounts, targeted outreach to smaller accounts and thoughtful communication (email, in-app messages, webinars, articles, etc) to distinct groups. 

We are looking for an experienced Customer Success Manager (with at least 3 years direct experience at a great SaaS company) to join our team and help build out this area within Qwilr. 

The day to day nature of this role includes: 

  • Helping our customers get the most out of Qwilr. 
  • Continually learning about our customers. What do they love? What do they hate? What could we do better? What don't they realise we can do? What other problems can Qwilr solve? 
  • Looking at customer metrics to understand who might be a good candidate for expanding their usage of Qwilr (adding more teammates, upgrading, using a new feature or integration, etc). 
  • Conversely, looking at customer metrics to find customers who might be at risk of churn and doing your best to help them stay with Qwilr. 
  • Helping the product team with feature adoption, beta rollouts, feature feedback and more. 
  • Working with our sales team to onboard our new customers once they have converted to paid. 
  • Helping our large customers to use Qwilr excellently throughout their organisations. Working on the renewals of these accounts. 
  • Being a voice for our customers inside Qwilr - this is especially true for communicating & collaborating with the product team. 
  • Working with the founders & the rest of the sales, success and support team to build our business. 

Our Process - What To Expect.
Tell us your best customer moment: We know that dealing with customers can be complicated - but it can also be awesome. Tell us a time that you dealt with a challenging customer where you turned a bad situation into a success. We are interested in hearing your story and understanding why things had gone wrong initially, as well as why you were able to solve/improve the situation. 

NOTE: Not to be longer than 500 words. Please also send a traditional CV too. 

Chat with the Team: If your note resonates with us, we'll set up a time for you to chat with Mark (our COO), Diana (our Support Lead) and/or other members of the team. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you. 

Task: We find that there is no better way to find out if someone will be good for the job than to have them do the job. We do this in some capacity for all hires across Qwilr. For this there will be a task that mirrors what it would be like to work with our customers. Tasks are not designed to be onerous - but they are designed to give us an insight into how you work. 

Help us maintain the quality of jobs posted on We Work Remotely. Let us know if this job isn’t really remote.

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To kick off the application process head to with your CV & a note that answers the following: What is your best customer success moment? (Max 500 words)