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DevOps Engineer


Headquarters: Houston, TX
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HigherEducation partners with many of the most recognizable names in the online education industry to help them build their programs and expand student bases.  We have 75M annual site visitors and we are very good at what we do.  We also love to use cutting edge technologies to make developer life enjoyable and more productive.

We're looking for more remote (anywhere in the US) or on-site (Houston) engineers to join the team to help us hit our goals and keep making use of the great new tech that is emerging every year.

Pay is competitive, benefits are great (e.g. 6% 401k matching), the team is tons of fun, and a great work/life balance truly makes you enjoy the time spent on the job.

What the role involves:
  • Apply the latest industry advancements to improve infrastructure reliability, scalability, performance, and repeatability of setup and deployment.
  • Responsible for infrastructure setup, configuration, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Create and maintain automated systems for continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Work on multiple tasks in support of one or more projects that require a singular area of expertise.
  • Create and maintain monitoring and alerting solutions to ensure that any unexpected issues are promptly identified and escalated.
  • Solve problems and provide support, taking responsibility to make decisions when appropriate.
  • Understand applications from a technical architecture and business goals perspective to apply DevOps best practices.
  • Participate in a flexible, rotating on-call support team for issues.

Who You Are:
  • Creative entrepreneur. You have a constant drive to make things better; you question the status quo and approach common challenges with creativity and constructive criticism. You have skills to clearly and convincingly share ideas in a way that adapts to your audience, regardless of function, level, or expertise.
  • Critical, big-picture thinker. You have a constant thirst for knowledge and the ability to credibly share it with others, whether internally or externally. You are analytical, evaluating logic-based details while always considering and problem-solving for the sake of the big picture.
  • Self-starter. You are proactive, self-motivated, and able to push work, start initiatives, and provide ideas independently in a team environment.
  • Adaptable multi-tasker. You are highly organized and flexible. You know how to manage expectations and are able to thrive in fast-paced, constantly changing environments and successfully adapt to a variety of tasks.

The ideal candidate will have:
  • Extensive experience with AWS and its service offerings and best practices.
  • Strong knowledge of containerization and its use within continuous delivery platforms.
  • Experience utilizing configuration management tooling as well as practicing Infrastructure as Code.
  • Tangible programming experience in Ruby, Python, Go, Javascript (any of these).
  • Linux system administration experience.

Benefits & Perks:
  • The short of it: we want you to be really glad that you work here and laugh when recruiters email you opportunities elsewhere
  • 6% 401k matching.
  • 100% health / vision / dental for you & subsidies for the rest of your family.
  • 15 vacation & sick days / yr.
  • Flexible hours - getting the work done and communicating well is what matters most.
  • Gym membership reimbursement up to $100/mo - we want you healthy.

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