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According to Ziprecruiter, the average doctor salary is $136,336/ year 

Would you like to earn doctor money, without the 10 years of school and $250,000 in student loans? 

Would you like to earn that from HOME…. talking to pre sold leads that were booked FOR you?

Sound too good to be true? Here’s the catch…

We are ONLY looking for 1-2 people to join this team for the long haul, but you are going to have to bring doctor type dedication to your clients and your own personal growth!. 

Doctors are CONSTANTLY growing… learning… they go to bat for and take personal responsibility for their patients!

This is for you if:
  • You like people and they tend to like you right off the bat
  • You are disciplined and willing to do the same thing every day. Every call is a new person with a new set of challenges to solve, but it is routine!
  • You are coachable. If you know everything already, keep walkin. If you are willing to learn a proven system that WORKS (even if it’s “hard), keep reading. 
  • You have HUGE INTEGRITY (even when no one is looking). If you would rather make a buck than do the right thing, this is NOT for YOU!
  • You take radical PERSONAL ownership of you and those you serve
  • You are looking for full time, commission only, completely results based compensation!

This is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t have MASSIVE Energy, Enthusiasm & Dedication
  • You are more of a “dabbler” than a “get crap done” type
  • You LOVE making excuses, blaming others and passing the buck
  • You won’t do a little paperwork and hate to be held accountable
  • You don’t do the right thing every time
  • You are uptight and don’t dig having fun at work while making real money
  • You don’t care about helping and serving your fellow human beings

If you want the opportunity to make better than doctor money by helping owners of cleaning companies change their lives and their communities EVERY DAY in a massive way- we need to talk!! 

Do you get fired up getting paid amazing money to help kids get more quality time with mom and dad?  Creating jobs for hard working families? Wealth and legacy by helping cleaners become entrepreneurs??

If this sounds like something YOU CAN’T WAIT be a part of, click the link below to get the party started:


P.S. We only have room for 1-2 people, so CLICK NOW before life gets in the way and you miss out on the opportunity to change your life by helping others change theirs!

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