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Lead / Senior Software Engineer

ContractProgrammingNorth America


Madison, WI

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Are you looking to help build modular platforms to scale from small business to large scale enterprises that delivers high scale administrative and customer facing tooling? Do you have a passion for delivering measurable results on a daily basis? Do you like to build components and then rapidly deliver solutions? Are you looking to learn or to immediately lead a team of engineers and a project?

If so, we'd love to work with you.

We recognize that each company culture is different so we put together what we're wanting. If you're not exact match but enjoy learning and being effective, let us know.

Collaboration Skills

  • Commitment to collaboration and availability. We recognize that remote work is different and seek to embrace ideas of remote offices (e.g. "REMOTE: Office Not Required"), as such we need people able to consistently communicate via different means to ensure deliverables are enjoyable and transparent.

  • Continuous Delivery and/or Agile Development

  • Emphasis on daily collaboration

  • Atomic Design / Material Design / other design standards for communication and orchestration of code and deliverables

  • GitHub Issue Tracker. Other Agile Tools are a big bonus

  • Proven source code methodologies (e.g. are you active on Github open source projects)

  • Zeplin, Zoom, Slack, InvisionApp, etc. (i.e. let's collaborate!)

  • Keep the team focused on the scope and task at hand

Technical Skills

  • Laravel 5.7+ (technically we’re using 5.8)

  • Ability to create Composer packages (don't worry we have a method already but welcome improvements and understanding)

  • VueJS

  • Vuex / Redux

  • Storybook JS

  • Webpack and Laravel Mix

  • Componentization is familiar to you

  • Proven source code tooling with Git (e.g. ability to feature branch, merge, pull, push)

  • BEM Methodology (CSS); at minimum please go look it up

  • Test Driven Design and Development with Jest and PHPUnit


We have immediate 35+ hours

We want to work smarter not longer, so reach out to us so we can build platform and implementations that deliver results at a rapid pace.

Must submit sample work and preferably Github account demonstrating contributions and understanding of Open Source Development.

Job Type

Contract / Freelance

Hourly Rate

TBD based on skill level

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