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Marketing Assistant for Awesome Software Company


Delicious Brains Inc.
Headquarters: Nova Scotia, Canada
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Looooove marketing? And getting stuff DONE? Then we might love you! We’re seeking an awesome remote marketing assistant to join our small team in this full-time contract position.

About You

Any of this sound like you? You might be a great fit.

You love getting stuff done - a day where you check 10 items off your to-do list sounds like a great day to you! You are incredibly skilled at getting what needs to be done done and are not afraid to ask questions along the way.

Organizational messes are eye-twitch-inducing for you and color-coded tabs & dividers are the things of dreams. You are incredibly detail-oriented & organized. Details feel like a natural focus for you. Spreadsheets? Yes, please!

On-time to you means 5 minutes early - and late isn’t even part of your vocabulary. Your word is your word and deadlines are your BFF. Sticking to deadlines has never been a problem for you because you are incredibly self-aware with how much you can take on and would never commit to an unrealistic timeline.

You’re also not afraid to push back against what you know is a very unrealistic deadline. Sticking to your word of completing a task when you say you will is way more important to you than trying to make promises that you can’t or will struggle to keep.

You’re incredibly polite but direct in your communication. You’re the kind of person who always gets a refund over the phone when you (politely) push for it. Kill ‘em with kindness might as well be stitched on every pillow you own.

You do NOT thrive on being micromanaged and love to be given the freedom to excel in your job. Being your own boss within an organization is a dream come true for you.

You’re by no means a techie developer or computer engineer but you’re a quick learner and consider yourself to be very comfortable with technology. You know how to turn to The Google when you’re stuck with something - whether that’s troubleshooting a Skype connection issue for a meeting (or your friend’s frozen phone) or researching what tool or specific kind of help we might need with a website or other online project.

Basically, you’re like a toddler with an iPad - after a little bit of messing around with a new tool, you just kinda get it.  

You are open, direct, and straightforward. You believe that honesty, awareness, and ownership are the direct routes to problem solving. You’d rather not play the “blame game,” but instead just correct the issue and keep moving! You are a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong with the goal of improving the process. You believe that a process problem lies at the root of every apparent people problem.

It is pretty impossible to faze you and you’re able to take a hit and keep rolling — your goal is to get it done, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated!

Other Requirements:

So what do you really NEED to be a good fit for this job? If you’ve read this far and are saying yes, yes, yes! Then you’re probably already a good fit!

Here are just a few other things you should have to be able to hit the ground running:

  • a computer with a webcam (team meetings via video make the remote team wheels go ‘round) and a high-speed internet connection
  • experience working in an administrative, marketing or research support role
  • computer-savvy-ness
  • availability to work in Eastern time ~ 8am-4pm EST (once we’ve hit our groove, specific hours will matter less as long as we overlap when we need to)
  • comfort with the geek-speak. Our team of 9 includes 8 developers and our customers are web developers. You don’t have to know how to code yourself but you have to be comfortable navigating code-heavy conversation. 


  • Experience with marketing automation software
  • Simple graphic design skills
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent

But This Role Is NOT For You If…

You struggle to stick with systems or find organizing virtual document messes to be overwhelming or the sort of task you push off for forever because you just aren’t that into it.

You don’t enjoy learning new technologies and often find yourself frustrated when trying to pick up the gist of how a new piece of software works and would rather just do things the way you already know how to do.

You want no part of interacting directly with customers (about 6-8 hours of your week will include processing refund requests and answering simple pre-sales questions in support).

Your idea of researching a question or opportunity is Googling a single phrase and if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the first page of results, you don’t know where to turn next so you decide the answer doesn’t exist.

You find it hard to always keep to deadlines, or find yourself always running to meetings 5 minutes late.

You’re afraid to bring up the idea that you might not hit a deadline as promised so you just ignore it and hope no one notices.

You prefer a very hands-on management style - you find having some direct you on a daily basis is how you get your best work done. Days where you don’t have someone checking in with you are days you really don’t get much done at all. It’s a daily struggle for you to stay motivated and focused.

You need a lot of reminders to actually follow-through on a project.

About This Role

Um, so what will you be doing exactly?

You will be the go-to marketing task-master at Delicious Brains Inc. You’ll be the force behind actually moving all of our projects forward because you’ll be moving stuff from “we need” to “done-so!”. You’ll work with our team to identify marketing priorities and get our projects done on time.

You’re the go-to person for getting stuff DONE. You are excellent at details & research, from spotting an inconsistency in a spreadsheet to knowing exactly how to manipulate the Google to find the answers you need.

No day is the same but an example day might include pulling metrics from our SEO software to help prioritize content optimization & development, responding to simple prospective customer queries about our products, implementing the next round of experiments to our PPC campaigns, scheduling a series of social media posts for an upcoming marketing event, drafting a new opt-in embed with one of our drag-and-drop builder tools, checking on the status of an upcoming blog post written by one of our developers.

Basically, you’re the one who keeps our “to-do” list short and our “done” list long every day. You keep our team happy and our projects on time.

We are a virtual office — that means everyone (including you!) works from your own home office, favorite coffee shop, co-working space, etc. This means you get all the best parts of interacting with a super fun team, with none of the commute and cubicles. Although your day-to-day will involve working closely with our small team, you need to be the kind of person that enjoys working from home and managing their own time.

Some of your tasks may include:

  • translating big ideas into projects, deliverables, & timelines
  • assisting with documenting our systems & keeping systems and project plans up-to-date as things change and evolve
  • conducting research to find resources for the team when needed - whether that’s people or tools
  • answering pre-sale and billing questions from prospective customers and processing refund requests
  • formatting & scheduling our email newsletters and blog posts
  • organizing our Google Drive files
  • creating and managing spreadsheets
  • scheduling social media updates
  • creating simple social media graphics
  • managing our affiliate system
  • implementing team-crafted marketing campaigns in Adwords, Facebook, Drip, etc.
  • executing simple landing pages & calls-to-action with tools like LeadPages, ConvertFlow or similar as directed by the Marketing Manager


What’s an attractive benefits package? Well, it really depends on the person. What do you value?

Maybe a competitive salary is what you’re after. Or maybe you really value vacation time and would rather less pay and more vacation days. Maybe health coverage is important to you, or maybe you’re already covered.

Because everyone values things differently, I’m leaving this wide open. Carte blanche. I’m certain we can work out an arrangement you’ll be happy with.

Here are some of the benefits everyone gets:

Parental Leave

For the birth or adoption of a child, DBI offers 100% paid leave of 8 weeks for primary caregivers and 3 weeks leave for secondary caregivers. Contractors may choose to take an additional 8 weeks unpaid leave and Canadian employees may choose to take unpaid leave in accordance with the employment laws of their province.

Location Independent

Although six of your work hours need to overlap with the Marketing Manager’s in the beginning (as mentioned above), we can do with less overlap once we’ve worked together for a while. You’ll be free to work from nearly anywhere in the world, wherever you’re happiest. Our team is currently distributed across the globe, working from our homes in Nova Scotia, Ontario, California, Pennsylvania, Scotland, and England.

Company Retreats

The entire team was flown into Jamaica for the annual company retreat in May 2018. Previous destinations have included Halifax, Miami and Vienna. Food/drink, travel, and accommodation were covered. Check out the blog post ( for the details. Where will we go in 2019!?

You Choose Your Schedule

What’s your ideal schedule? Maybe you like the regular 9am-5pm schedule. Or maybe a 4-day work week is your thing. Or maybe you prefer to work 6-days per week, but less each day. Or maybe it changes week-to-week.

It really doesn’t matter as long as we overlap by six hours most days in the beginning and after a while it will be completely up to you.

Application Details

This is a full-time position, which means you’re expected to work 32-37.5 hours per week. You’ll be working independently from your own home.

About Our Company

We’re Delicious Brains Inc. We make awesome stuff for WordPress developers including:

WP Migrate DB Pro - our flagship product that lets you copy your database from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard. Yep, it’s that easy. If you find yourself needing to migrate databases, our customers call this one a “no-brainer.”

WP Offload S3 - our plugin that lets you serve your media and assets from S3, CloudFront or your personal favorite CDN. Cue site speed benefits.

We’re also working on a new WordPress plugin and a new SaaS app, both launching later this year.

P.S. Wondering about the name Delicious Brains? Funny story. It’s a Simpsons reference. Pretty obscure, but Homer utters it in a zombie episode. Have you seen it? And yes, we’ve spent a lot of time debating Z-Day strategies on company retreats :)

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