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Product Marketer


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
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At Dataquest, we teach data science to a community of hundreds of thousands of students from all across the world. We help students to build projects, learn key data science concepts and skills (like collaboration), and to develop the confidence they'll need to start new careers. You can read more about our philosophy here, and learn more about what our students think here.

Your Mission
As we've worked to change the way that students learn, we've noticed that we could be doing a better job of reaching out to our learners to help them along the path towards realizing their educational goals.

As we've talked about this need, we recognized that we have a tremendous opportunity available for the right product marketer. We're excited about teaching students more effectively, but we've found that many students experience problems staying motivated as they progress along their educational journey. The messaging you'll work to build in this role will help our students to stay motivated and reach their educational goals. In order to do that effectively, you'll need to have empathy for our students. The ideal candidate will be able to build a messaging program that helps us to establish a better relationship with our students--based on trust.

If you're up to the challenge, you'll be responsible for iterating on and building out our internal messaging pipeline. You'll work with a variety of industry-standard tools in a robust data-driven environment to refine our program. Your work will contribute directly to the rate at which students subscribe and upgrade their subscriptions to Dataquest.

If you have a deep curiosity about data and marketing, this role will give you an opportunity to develop your skills in both areas. If you're passionate about education and making a difference joining our team will provide you with a chance to do just that.

About the Product Marketer position

The Product Marketer will be responsible for growing our subscription conversion rates by delivering a more engaging and consistent messaging experience to our students that helps them to reach their educational goals. The Product Marketer will be responsible for converting students who have signed up for our "free" plan to our "basic" plan, increasing the rate at which students upgrade from our "basic" plan to our "premium" plan, and reducing our churn rate. This means that the ideal candidate will need to have a deep curiosity about data and a deep sense of empathy for our students. The ideal candidate will be able to think about opportunities that can increase the virality of our product and contribute to the overall performance of our marketing funnel.

Product Marketer responsibilities are:
  • Identify opportunities to make changes that can boost the performance of our messaging campaigns.
  • Deliver an honest, consistent and engaging messaging experience for our students.
  • Connect with writers and designers to iterate on compelling messages to be used across a variety of platforms, such as in-app messages and emails.
  • Analyze and consider trends in our advertising data and the wider market in order to best position our brand and products
  • Collaborate alongside and within a variety of teams to implement strategies, from design and content to the learning platform team and marketing.
  • Evaluate performance using feedback from students as well as relevant KPIs.
  • Develop a deep familiarity with our product in order to develop messaging that supports our students in the right way, and at the right time.

Product Marketer requirements are:

  • Deep curiosity for data and all things ad/mar tech
  • Able to quickly iterate on data-driven creative
  • Empathy for the student experience.
  • Ability to think holistically about our messaging program.
  • Excited about finding new opportunities that contribute to the overall performance of our marketing funnel.
  • Creativity, an eye for detail, and an analytical mind are necessary.
  • BSc/BA in similar or related field such as English, Communications, Psychology; proven prior experience as a Brand or Product Marketer, or similar position.
  • Familiarity with marketing messaging and analytics tools like Mixpanel.
  • Experience working with data to drive marketing decisions.

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