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Full-Stack Developer (ReactJS, Java)


Headquarters: Earth
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About Us

We’re a small, fully-remote team focussed on building great products for an industry (commercial real estate) that’s still largely undisrupted by technology. Our wild start-up days are behind us – we're all grown up and profitable now with a 15-year track record and users who love us. We launched a new product last year that's driving a lot of growth, and we could really use some help.

  • Our team is mainly full-stack developers: JavaScript (ReactJS/Redux) on the front-end and Java on the back-end.
  • We use a microservices architecture, practice continuous integration, and host everything from AWS.
  • We're not dogmatic about our tools/technologies – we use whatever best suits the task at hand. 
  • We communicate mainly via GitLab and Slack, but get everybody together for face-to-face time at least twice a year.

About You
  • You're proficient with JavaScript, loving the good parts and understanding the bad.
  • You have a good amount of experience with ReactJS, and have built something non-trivial with it.
  • You have some experience building web applications and RESTful APIs with Java.
  • You've dabbled enough with (or read enough about) microservices to understand the pitfalls.
  • You're comfortable with a command line.
  • You're a quick study, stay up with the latest-and-greatest ideas and processes, and consciously work to become a better developer every day. 
  • You understand that working as part of a small team means wearing lots of different hats.
  • You believe in the mantra: "strong opinions, weakly held".
  • You value stability, work/life balance, group decision-making, and working with people that are good-natured, open-minded, interesting, hard-working, and self-motivated.

Catylist is for you if...

  • You hate the corporate bureaucracy of a big company.
  • You're over the chaos and uncertainty of a start-up. You like having reasonable hours and knowing that your job will be around next week.
  • You enjoy maintaining and improving the products you've built rather than handing them off and moving on to the next thing.
  • You know what you love to do and aren't looking for a ladder to climb.
This is a full-time, 40 hours per week, remote, W2 position with benefits (health/dental/vision/401k).

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Apply for this position

Send an email to, and please take some time to explain why you're a fit for our team. Include your resume, GitHub link, and anything else that will help us avoid clicking "Archive" on your submission :)