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Database & Infrastructure Engineer

Posted Nov 29

Headquarters: Remote

We are looking for an experienced database & infrastructure engineer to help make Baremetrics as stable and reliable as possible. We are growing quickly on both the business and infrastructure side and are at the point where we need more expertise to help with that growth.

This is a part-time/contract job. We're working hard to run our business profitably so we can be around for a long time, so we take small steps as we hire.

You can work from anywhere. We're a fully remote team spread across four different countries. Our engineering team happens to be in Europe, but really, wherever you are, there you shall be. :)

What the job entails...
  • Part-time/contract availability, with the option of going full-time in the coming months
  • Active involvement in design, implementation and maintenance of the development, staging and production infrastructure and services
  • Troubleshoot system issues (such as high-load, memory, CPU usage, deadlocks, etc.) and come up with temporary/long-term solutions based on the root cause
  • Ensure proper security, monitoring, alerting and reporting for the infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot issues across the whole stack: hardware, software, and network
  • Document current and future procedures, configuration and policies in the wiki

What we need from you...
  • Deep understanding of the Linux operating system
  • Experience managing a Postgres production cluster in a high i/o environment
  • Familiarity with the internals of Postgres
  • Experience working in a big data setting (TBs of data)
  • Ability to understand Ruby code
  • Experience managing production clusters of one or more of: ElasticSearch, MySQL, RethinkDB, Redis

About Baremetrics
Baremetrics is a zero-setup, one-click subscription analytics & insights company. We provide the tools and data businesses need to make solid business decisions.

Founded in 2013, we're working hard to help businesses spend less time crunching numbers and looking at spreadsheets and instead give them instant access to metrics and business insights that they need to run their businesses.

We're looking for folks who like to solve problems and build a business and product that people genuinely love to interact with.

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