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DevOps Engineer

Posted Nov 1

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Devops Engineer:

As our Devops Engineer you will perform the Ubuntu upgrade (from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS) on virtual and physical machines in our datacenter. This will entail updating of our internal Puppet infrastructure to support the new operating system version. Along with the upgrade will come upgrades of core services such as RabbitMQ, MongoDB, GlusterFS, and MySQL, which will require coordination with the development team to ensure compatibility and availability. Though most work can be performed remotely, there are some cases where physical access to the datacenter will be required.

Required skills:

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Ubuntu Linux;
Understanding of networking concepts such as VLANs, mulltihoming, bridging, and link aggregation;
Familiarity with Puppet and Ruby;
Experience working in a physical data center environment.

Recommended skills:

Facility with DNS (bind 9)
Experience with provisioning automation
Experience with monitoring tools such as Nagios and Cacti;
Scripting in Bash and Ruby
Familiarity with Git & GitHub
Understanding of Nginx & Apache;
Knowledge of VirtualBox & Vagrant.

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