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Rockstar OS X coder as partner for word-processing app

Posted Jun 12

Headquarters: USA

I own a word-processing OS X app that's currently in the Mac App Store. It's similar to a markdown editor but aimed at a specific writing niche. 

Version 1 is in the store and generates about $200-$400 each month with no marketing. 

Version 2 is in beta but needs a handful of bug fixes before launch. After that I'd like to release small feature updates and fixes every month or so, with larger features about every year. 

Until now, I've been hiring short-term contractors to do development. Moving forward, I'd like to partner with a programmer who can build equity in the project over time while I focus on marketing the version 2.0 launch and beyond. 

Get in touch and we can talk more. I'm east coast. I'd prefer a native English speaking partner. We could start with a couple of small paid items to test each other out before moving forward. If we do, you'd get a revenue cut. We would attach percentages to projects so that your revenue cut would rise over time. 

App is written in Objective-C. 

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