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Lead Rails Programmer

Posted May 16 ApS
Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Here are the skills we are looking for:

Quick learner
We're looking for back end developers, who thrive when they learn about new technologies and do not believe in "one solution for all challenges." You will need to quickly habituate to our rapid development, massive growth and constantly evolving business.

Programming Experience

You have very good understanding of Ruby and React or Angular, preferably Elm, as well as some experience in a SQL. You should have experience in building APIs and integrating 3rd party APIs into modules for web apps. You use a version control system while creating your projects. Competence in, or a want to learn, elixir or rust and an interest in building monolith replacing microservices is desirable. Having worked using an agile development protocol is not necessary, but as our team grows the necessity to work in this way will increase.


You believe in a TDD functional proof-of-concept approach to approach a releasable product. You strive to prove that speed and quality are not contradictory, and that you can achieve both at the same time.


In addition to having a good knowledge of the web stack, you also understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how to optimize existing systems to improve efficiency and scalability.

Architecture skills

You know how to build and maintain scalable, robust, fault-tolerant services. You have an interest in gradual replacement of a monolith into microservices. You keep updated on the latest architectural trends.


You feel a sense of ownership for the projects you work on and pass. You will never "publish" a code until you are sure it is correct with passing tests. You work using monitoring and strong documentation. When faced with a bug you are enthusiastic, defensively code for future failure and ensure that the effects of your fix are localised.

Team player

You believe that you can accomplish more as a team. Working together as a whole generates better results than delegating areas. You believe that a team is made stronger by knowledge sharing and gladly pass your expertise through the team. You can handle constructive feedback well and take it into consideration when moving forward.

Design and acumen

You know how to read between the lines of possible tasks. You are not afraid of offering multiple solutions and challenging ideas during planning, and can back these ideas up. Your attention to detail leads to overwhelmingly positive user experiences.


The rare opportunity to influence the world in your direction. The potential of working with leading edge technologies with an eye to developing tools for the open-source/free software community, when they are mature. Working with enthusiastic and sharp co-workers, guided by their desire to produce a superb product. Unlimited vacation policy. Work hard and decide when and where.

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