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Operations Engineer

Posted Feb 15

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Bring your system administration skills to a company where you’ll be part of a small team helping to support a rapidly-growing user base. We’re looking for someone with flexibility, great problem-solving skills, who loves learning new things, works well on their own and in a group, and has a strong ability to communicate and a big sense of humor. You should be offended by inelegant solutions and take it personally when the servers aren’t giving the captain all they’ve got.

This position is half reactive and half proactive. You’ll help the rest of the sysadmin team keep things humming along day to day for our more than 12 million users in 195 countries, while at the same time working to expand our infrastructure for future growth. Got ideas? Share ‘em. There are no sacred cows here.

Must-Have Skills and Attributes
  • Practical, real-world Linux system administration experience on production servers. Ubuntu preferred.
  • Experience scripting and automating sysadmin tools with shell scripts and other scripting languages.
  • Configuration management systems experience, preferably with Ansible
  • Familiarity with revision control systems. Pretty much Git and GitHub.
  • Familiarity with cloud architecture concepts and implementation as well as dedicated server management.  Openstack experience a plus.
  • MySQL/MariaDB experience as a systems administrator. Real DBA experience a major plus though not required.
  • Available to be part of on-call rotation for off-hours incident response. Not all the time, but sometimes.
  • Comfortable with startup/small-business environment. Willing to wear extra hats, improvise, work outside of the “enterprise” box, etc.
  • Ability to work closely with developers, designers, and other co-workers, and see the systems platform as part of the company’s product - our take on the “devops” philosophy.
  • Sense of humor, cool under pressure. Willingness to post photos of pastries in our team chat room.

Nice-To-Have Skills
  • Familiarity with LXC/LXD
  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, other orchestration solutions
  • Experience with monitoring and analytic systems.
  • Experience working with Openstack clouds
  • Experience with Wordpress and PHP.
  • Experience working in a continuous-deployment SaaS environment.
  • A focus on security, stability, and application availability.
  • Experience in multi-datacenter operations.
  • Experience in disaster recovery planning and executing.
  • Experience with MySQL/MariaDB as a DBA.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with Redis and/or memcached.
  • Development experience with Rails (2.x and 3.x).
  • Experience with Capistrano.
  • An understanding of why the phrase “Chunky Bacon” is hilarious.
  • Experience with security auditing, security standards (PCI), and sensible server and application security practices

Why TeamSnap?
  • Small team, big impact. We’re an 80-person company (and growing) where you’ll make a difference on day one, shipping real code and solving real customer pain points. Sometimes you’ll get to the know the customers by name.
  • Work the way you want to work. Our development team works remotely. Work from your home, a coffee shop or the beach. Take time off during the day when you need it. We’re about results, first and foremost.
  • Join a successful company. We have a proven revenue model, an experienced management team, angel funding and a strong plan moving forward. This is a not a fly-by-night startup but an established player in a massive market.
  • Change lives. We help families stay healthy and spend more time together through the power of team sports and group activities. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’re working on something meaningful.
  • Work with the entire product. Our ops folks don’t just work with the machines that make our applications go. You aren’t pigeonholed - you’re on our dev list, and have the ability to hack on code and influence the product.
  • Free parking space. Of course, it’s in your own driveway. But still.
  • Learn more. We care deeply about our culture. You can read more at

Compensation, Benefits & Other Stuff
We offer competitive salaries and full benefits. This position is remote from your location. Some minor travel may be required, mostly to TeamSnap HQ in Boulder, Colorado which is awesome and beautiful.

We highly recommend that you sign up for a free trial of TeamSnap to learn more about the web and mobile applications. (Hint: We’re going to ask you about it in your interview.) If you'd like us to extend the trial beyond 21 days, just let us know!

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