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UI Developer

Posted Feb 15

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

TeamSnap is looking for a UI developer who loves HTML/CSS so much they want to marry it

Do you love working with web applications? Do you have crackerjack HTML/CSS/JQuery chops? Do you eat browser quirks for breakfast and love yourself a good grid framework? Let’s talk!

TeamSnap is a fun, flexible, growing company that takes design and user delight seriously. We’re looking for a front-end developer with a can-do spirit who loves turning Photoshop and Sketch files into perfect HTML/CSS interfaces. You should adore the process of building web software and work swimmingly on a team with designers and developers.

Attention to detail is a must, along with a great love for getting deep into code. We’re a company where trust, collaboration and communication are paramount, and opportunities to grow are limited only by your imagination.

Some of the things you might work on:
  • Turning Photoshop or Sketch files into flawless, functional HTML/CSS, including responsive and mobile-friendly flavors.
  • Troubleshooting visual or performance problems in ongoing projects and working closely with developers to fix front-end code.
  • Responding to support tickets about broken layouts in various browsers and fixing those problems (let’s be honest, we’re probably talking about Internet Explorer).
  • Setting up A/B tests based off of existing designs, reporting on the results and iterating to increase customer conversion and engagement.
  • Posting videos of otters in Slack.
  • Freshening up existing designs or enforcing consistency across the application.
  • Building or updating HTML emails using best practices and popular frameworks.
  • Using Javascript or JQuery to enhance user experience on existing features.
  • Extending existing designs to new features, or to build out revised features.

Must-Have Skills and Attributes
  • Best-practice HTML/CSS coding, including frameworks like HAML, SASS, LESS and grid systems.
  • Ability to execute dynamic page interactions with JQuery or similar. You don’t have to be a Javascript developer, but you shouldn’t fall over in panic at interactive page elements.
  • Photoshop, Sketch or other design tools. You know the drill.
  • A good usability sense and a keen eye for design.
  • Version control. (We use Git.)
  • A Macintosh user, or a really good story for why you’re not.
  • Ability to work within Ruby on Rails. If you haven’t already worked with Rails, you’ll need to get up to speed quickly, including the ability to run Rails on your local machine.
  • Huge ideas and a tiny ego.
  • Great sense of humor and a team player.

Nice-To-Have Skills
  • A TeamSnap user, or an interest in team sports or group activities.
  • Strong writing skills -- because wordsmithing is often a part of the design process.
  • Ability to make balloon animals.

Why TeamSnap?
  • Small team, big impact. We’re a 90-person company (and growing) where you’ll make a difference on day one, shipping code and solving real customer pain points. Sometimes you’ll get to the know the customers by name.
  • Happiness. Outside Magazine named us #6 on the list of Top 100 Places to Work. We want to be the best place you’ve ever worked.
  • Work-Life harmony and flexibility. We’re a mostly-distributed company. Work from your home, a coffee shop or the beach. Take time off during the day when you need it. We’re about results, first and foremost.
  • We’re a successful company. TeamSnap has a proven revenue model, an experienced management team, VC funding and a strong plan moving forward. This is a not a fly-by-night startup but an established player in a massive market.
  • Change lives. We help families stay healthy and spend more time together through the power of team sports and group activities. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’re working on something meaningful.
  • Sports are fun. So are we. You could go work for an insurance company or a medical records warehousing firm, but TeamSnap is way more cool. 

Diversity and Inclusion
TeamSnap is a company built around trust, kindness and collaboration, where diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints are celebrated and valued. This is a place where everybody belongs.

Compensation, Benefits & Other Stuff
We offer competitive salaries and full benefits. This position is remote from your location, unless you happen to live within driving distance of our Boulder HQ, in which case come on by when you feel like it, grab a desk and pet the office dog.

Help us maintain the quality of jobs posted on We Work Remotely. Let us know if this job isn’t really remote.

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